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Reaching Birmingham audiences presents unique challenges since it’s the largest city in Alabama and the fastest growing. Birmingham industries mainly consist of health care services, trade, and finance.

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Businesses in the Birmingham area are typically hoping to reach the metropolitan Birmingham-Hoover communities. These communities consist of individuals who are typically decision makers or hands-on workers in their field. It’s important for your SEO strategy to consist of direct keywords and location-specific content.

Digital Media

Like most major cities across the US, Birmingham is technology driven especially housing institutes like UAB. Many residents, businesses, or organizations are active on social media with a focus on making community connections and staying up-to-date on current events. Birmingham businesses need a strong social media presence with content that focuses on building relationships with the local community and providing engaging content.

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The general aesthetic of Birmingham follows a lot of retro design with fat, scripted fonts and bold colors mixed with the downtown vibe of clean fonts and the use of white space. We encourage businesses to find what niche they fall into and build their branding around that.

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