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Near the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains you will find a beautiful community of small to medium sized businesses that have thrived from the closeness of their community. Many refer to the area as the Green Valley community but in 1967 the city of Hoover was incorporated. In the name of William H. Hoover, who was a local insurance business owner, Hoover is now the sixth most populated city in Alabama. Like many cities throughout the country, Hoover’s namesake came from a “Main Street” business owner who had a dream of prosperity but even in 2021, current businesses share the same goals and obstacles that Mr. Hoover did back in the early 1900’s. Who would his market be, how would the company compete with the larger insurance companies in the area, where would he find reliable employees but most importantly, how was he going to build his brand.

A strategy was created that allowed his company to achieve shortterm and longterm goals. The marketing industry that we know has changed drastically but even a hundred years ago those strategies shared commonalities that are very present today – provide a product or service to a specific clientele that’s visible to their target market while creating long standing relationships with their customers. Marketing strategies have changed but those core values are very much relevant today.

Consumer behavior has evolved and customers are contacting businesses in a much different way than we saw just 10 years ago. The importance of having a successful digital marketing strategy is crucial for any business. Whether you’re a brick and mortar on Main Street or a roofing contractor that services a large area, choosing an experienced marketing company who understands your industry and brand needs to be of high priority for all businesses. Companies in Hoover trust FAAD Media to be their premier website development company because of our experience, we’re local and family owned. Once our developers have created or revamped your mobile friendly website following Google’s Best Practices, we will research a variety of targeted keywords, competition and market to determine the best traffic to your website. After the analysis is completed, we will develop an aggressive search engine optimization campaign that generates first page Google rankings for our clients. When creating organic visibility on Google, Yahoo, Bing and the other search engines, it’s extremely important to claim your local Google My Business page. Your designated success manager will walk you through the process of claiming the page and our programmers will develop a successful strategy that educates consumers about your business to create more distance from your competition.

FAAD Media also has the ability to create a paid media campaign that shows ads to consumers that fit a profile, demographic and or have an interest in what service or product you offer. We utilize platforms such as Google AdWords, Google Local, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, Adroll, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and more if applicable to your offering.

Typically, our clients are looking for business growth, which is why our digital marketing solution is focused on web design and development, social media, SEO, PPC and content marketing. Our clients in Hoover believe in our services because we deliver measurable results and unlike our competition, we’re extremely transparent with our reporting. Clients are offered a unique way of tracking their marketing dollars. We can provide a unique tracking number for your company that will pinpoint which areas of your campaign are generating the most revenue. The tracking program that we offer will provide who is calling, where they found your information, a detailed overview of the call metrics, and optional recording of each call for monitoring customer service quality. You will be armed with a detailed insight of each call, ensuring our marketing efforts are generating quality leads, for optimizing your ROI.

If you own a business in Hoover or the surrounding area and unsure about the effectiveness of your current marketing efforts or just looking for some information about our cutting edge technology, call one of our professionals today at 205-563-5317 or fill out the form below to receive your Free Website Evaluation and one of our Success Managers will reach out when the analysis is complete.

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