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Paid Advertising

What We Offer

Social media and Google Local Services ads are a great way to focus in on target audiences and have paid placement. Paid ads are effective because they can allow you to reach wider audiences, engage with customers, and apply data and analytics for tracking.

Our process

We start with determining what social platforms would be most effective for your goals and desired audience. After research, we begin designing and creating content for your ads and developing a digital schedule to share your ads.

The Process

What Goes Into Your Site?

Social Media Management

Your assigned social media team will help you communicate with, and engage with your target audience through creating and publishing industry specific content that is valuable to your consumers. We will create any industry specific social media profiles and manage your current social media presence on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and any related platform that will increase your online  visibility.

Google Local Services

FAAD Media will get your business verified through the Google Local Platform (if eligible). Once the verification process is complete, your business listing will have the opportunity to bid for one of the first 3 listings of every relevant search result on Google. We will manage and maintain this platform to maximize your visibility with our success managers. Unlike Adwords, this is a pay for call platform that has taken the industry by storm. Clients must set a monthly budget for this service separate from the core service payment.


FAAD Media will provide unique phone numbers for each online profile that will pinpoint which areas of your campaign are generating the most revenue. The tracking program that we offer will provide who is calling, where they found your information, a detailed overview of the call metrics, and optional recording of each call for monitoring customer service quality. You will be armed with a detailed insight of each call, ensuring our marketing efforts are generating quality leads, for optimizing your return on investment. 

Tangible Results

Strategy Building

We can serve targeted ads to your specific market in order to promote newly created content, products, promotions, testimonials etc. The ads can be shown to people that fit a profile, demographic and or have an interest in what you do and/or offer. We can utilize search platforms like Google, Yahoo, Bing or social platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, Adroll, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and more if applicable to your offering.

We’re Here to Help

Want to Start Paid Ads?

Let us assist you in setting up paid or social ads to start reaching your audience.

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